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Gabi Security

Resolution for Cybersecurity

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Thoughts about what i want to acomplishment in 2024.

Main Goals

My thought about main goals are work my weakness (fluenty speak english) and improve my certifications to show for the companys what i know.

Conversation in english

I do one test to know where i am in my english, and the test result are B2 upper intermediate and doing a few searchs at internet about B2 i found this:

What can a B2-level learner of English do? Learners who achieve B2 Upper intermediate level: can understand the main ideas of complex texts on concrete or abstract topics, including some technical discussions; can express themselves fluently and spontaneously enough to comfortably communicate with other English speakers; can produce clear, detailed text on many subjects and explain a complex viewpoint on a topic, including expressing advantages and disadvantages.

Im very happy about this result because i never do any class to learn english, i only grow up watching movies with subtitles, playing games (wich so many times was only available in english). But for this year i really want to expand my possibilities, work with people from other countries, learn with them, see Cibersecurity with another way.

How: So this blog is one way to reach this, writing to you in english, and another way was start talking with native speaker, for this i started to do conversation in preply app with one teacher from the USA.

Goal: Speak fluent and write without any google translator help.


I have some simple certificates, like HackTheBox, TryHackMe and Google Cybersecurity, but i really enjoy to study and i know the certificates in this area is very usefull. So a decide to get two more this year, i wanted to do more, but for me who was a brazilian guy, to take the exam for this certificates is very expensive, because my currency worth 5 times less than dollars, só its like R$2000 each exam. But i will to save money every month to reach this goal.

CompTIA Network+

I started for this first, because this is the basics to understand a lot of things, like when i was doing some hackthebox, sometimes need to do some telnet connection, understand why some port is available in nmap and what does it do.

Also at my job one day network had fallen and as i would like to know how datacenter and all the network worked, i offered to give the network team a ride. Getting there i see a lot of cool stuff, how switch core was connected with another switchs, how redundancy works and some wireshark. After a lot of searching for the problem for a long time, we discovered that an employee had tried to install a phone on a switch on his own and the spanning tree protocol starting to give trouble to all network. In one morning i learn a lot, and studying for this exam (what am i already doing now) i understand what this protocol is for.

How: So im doing Udemy course wich is very cheap, listening lessons from youtube too and doing flashcards all day.

Goal: Get the fundamentals at network to improve my work as Cybersecurity.

CompTIA Security+

Before i get the google certificate i started to study to this exam and i see a lot things what i see in everyday work, like social engineering, vulnerabilities, compliance, ISO 27001, standards, laws etc.

This certificate will be a baseline to my experience at this field, i want to do more, but one step at a time. I think today i know more at this course in general, but im sure i’ll learn a lot more things and review some topics.

How: Learning at my everyday work and Udemy course.

Goal: Be better at security and show all i know.

Bonus (Cloud)

This is a bonus.