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Gabi Security

My roadmap into Cybersecurity

/ 2 min read

This post iniciate my journey to improve my skills.

Thoughts and imposter syndrome

I come from another role, im Architect and have a very good job at Osasco public office, I worked making projects for Hospitals and schools for the city. But since i was little, always liked technology field and starting learning by myself focused on Cybersecurity.

By having a good relationship with my co-workers and having a basic understanding about technology, i was able to transfer within my work, from architect to cybersecurity analyst. What a great challenge!

With little time, i had to get hand-on to learn how to operate the tools we use everyday. I learned a lot about Active Directory and the need for continuous sanitization, how a DHCP server works and organization of a network separating IP ranges for certain assets, TCP/UDP connections, subnet, how to create rules for SIEM and all configuration issues , vulnerability scanning tools, SQL database etc etc.

I ended up being promoted to manager of implementation and management of security tools! I started analyzing contracts, implemented management tools such as scrum and kanban to define goals and improve performance. Today i look back and see how much i’ve evolved in almost a year in this area, how much i’ve learned from my colleagues (thank very much) and how getting your hands on is enriching.

Now it’s been almost a year and i want to improve my skills, to get better and better.

So a make some decisions:

  • I will write on this blog to improve my english thinking, because my first language is portuguese;
  • Everyday i will learning something new at Cybersecurity;
  • Create solid foundations for my career in this area, creating this website with a blog and taking certifications in the area.