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More than security

/ 1 min read

Management is a lot of everyday job at cybersecurity.

Beyond Technology

Before working in the technology area and seeing this area from outside, I thought that much of it would be technical and hands on tools and systems.

However, this area has a lot of management, dealings, reading contracts, billing and talking to suppliers. At the moment I have been managing a project to implement an encryption tool for which the contract has a total cost of 11 million reais.

That said, technology goes far beyond tough names, cutting-edge technologies, and GPT chat.

Something I ended up bringing from the architecture area was the knowledge of project management techniques such as the PDCA cycle, PERT, critical path, MS project and others.

But in addition to knowing these techniques, knowing how to express yourself, organize yourself, talk to people, charge and know how to deal with delays or mishaps along the way (which are very possible) is something extremely necessary to succeed in this area.

But also, having a good theoretical base or understanding the foundation of what you are implementing is extremely necessary, otherwise how can you implement a tool without knowing what to expect from it?